Blue Collar Gospel
Illustration by Abby Bowne

What is Blue Collar Gospel?

Blue Collar Gospel is a blog for stirring the faith and affections of everyday followers of Jesus and for interacting with those who may not be following him but are interested in learning more about Jesus.  Jesus is amazing—he is worth talking about. What Jesus has freely and uniquely accomplished through his life, death, and resurrection is the best news ever! An old prophet said that the good news about Jesus is so great that it deserves to be broadcast from mountaintops.  I agree. I like to think of my laptop as a portable electronic mountaintop device.

Blue Collar Gospel is first and foremost for my church community. If you don’t go to church and you live in our area, come hang out with us. I get to do life and mission with the most amazing disciples of Jesus on planet earth. We are a diverse community of ordinary blue collar urbanites scattered throughout the neighborhoods of Northeast Philadelphia.  Blue Collar isn’t necessarily a type of job; it’s a type of attitude—loyal—thick-skinned—hard-working—passionate—say it like it is.  These are my people and I love them and want to give my life to serve them.  I hope this blog helps do that.

Our church is also glad to be partnered in gospel mission with a family of churches called Sovereign Grace. I hope my friends from these amazing churches stop by every once and a while too.  One of the things I love about the every day members of our Sovereign Grace churches is how much they joyfully celebrate both the simplicity and the depth of the gospel. If you’re looking for a church where the gospel of Jesus is celebrated, proclaimed, and lived with humility, love, and joy then see if there is one in your area.

If you don’t fit into one of those two categories you are either my Mom just being nice or someone who is interested in the good news about Jesus—thanks for stopping by and you are always welcome. If you have questions about why I believe Jesus is amazing hit me up.

Blue Collar Gospel is also a blog that hopes to highlight how the good news of Jesus intersects with the everyday life and experiences of everyday people.  The gospel goes way beyond Sundays.  It’s for…

At Home.
In the Car.
On the Bus.
When you’re Walking.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing—Jesus matters. He’s Lord of all.

What will I Post?

Stuff to Read.
Stuff to Listen to.
Stuff to Watch.

How Will I Post?

Regularly. I like to write & talk. I’m learning to be a better steward of sharing my thoughts and the stuff God’s using to affect my heart for him and his mission. God is always up to something in my life, so I’m going to try to keep up with that. 

Short. I like to read long books but I don’t like to read long blogs. Maybe you’re the same—so I’m not going to post long stuff.

Simple.  You won’t need a dictionary for this stuff.  Most blogs I read are aimed at pastors with seminary degrees—that’s not what this one is for. No frills.

Illustrations. I like pictures. My wife and a bunch of my friends like messing around with their cameras while they’re doing life. I’m going to try to match up pictures with my posts.  If you have a photo or an illustration you would like me to consider using, this page will tell you how to submit it. If I use it I will be sure to give you props for your work!

What Am I Posting About?

Following Jesus.
Doing Mission.
God’s Word.
Life in the City.
Enjoying Family.
Thoughts on Leadership.
Resources to Check Out.
Sermons I Preach.


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    This is picture is INCREDIBLE. It captures the essence of Philly and the Cross perfectly.

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