Undeserved Goodness

God is so good. Don’t let that become a cliché. God is always good to his people. Let that cause your heart to be moved to great humility and deep gratitude.

Think about it. Our God is faithfully good.

God is always with us.

God is always providing for us.

God is always protecting us.

God is always guiding us.

God is always forgiving our sin.

Each and every day our God rises to the occasion and gives us exactly what we need. Sometimes we see it and sometimes we don’t but the bottom line is that God is always working for our good.

Think about it. Our God is faithfully good to us even though we are not faithfully good to him. This is good news. When we deserved nothing good from him, the Father gave us his greatest and best—he gave us his Son.

Jesus was sent for us.

Jesus lived for us.

Jesus died for us.

Jesus was raised for us.

Right now Jesus ever lives above for us.

One glorious day Jesus will come back for us and we will be with him forever.

Think about it. In the GOSPEL we see the greatest display of God’s undeserved goodness.

The gospel tells us that although we deserve God’s unending judgment for our many sins, through Jesus we get God’s unending blessing.

Although we deserve death, God gives us life.

Although we deserve bondage, God gives us freedom.

Although we deserve abandonment, God gives us intimate fellowship in his presence.

Although we deserve hell, God will eventually give us heaven.

All this goodness is undeserved.

What happens when we look at all this undeserved goodness in the face of Jesus?

It moves us to great humility and deep gratitude like the psalmist.

We make joyful noises to the LORD with all the earth.
We serve the LORD with gladness.
We come into his presence with singing.
We acknowledge that he is our God and submit to him.
We enter his gates with thanksgiving & his courts with praise.
We give thanks to him and bless his name. (Psalm 100)

Why?  For the LORD is good.  His steadfast love and faithfulness endure forever!

God is so good. It is so undeserved. We should be so grateful.

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