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w/Unite All Workers for Democracy

Unite All Workers for Democracy members Scott Houldieson, Michael Cannon, Eric Truss and Andrew Bergman joined us virtually to talk about the historic “One Member, One Vote, Direct Election” referendum that is about to happen in the UAW. This is one of the most important episodes I’ve ever hosted, because of the historic significance of this referendum. The Blue Collar Gospel Hour and the UAWD all strongly support voting in favor of the direct election of UAW International officers. Listen to find out why we support it, and find out how you can become a more active, and informed union member.

w/Gloombaby & Wxsxbi

Gloombaby & Wxsxbi are both Michigan musicians, and hip hop artists. Gloombaby’s debut album “Hi, I’m Gloombaby” is out now everywhere, and Wxsxbi’s debut EP “I’m Ok,” is out, too. Check out our episode with them here, tell your friends about it, and go check out their music, too.

from L to R; host Dan Denton, Wxsxbi, and Gloombaby

w/Jack Henry

Jack Henry is the author of a new collection of poetry, “Driving w/ Crazy, Living with Madness,” out on Punk Hostage Press. Jack is also a publisher, and editor, and former blog talk radio host.. Jack takes us on a poetry tour of his work, including an extensive reading of selected poems from “Driving w/ Crazy…”

w/Ezhno Martin

Poet and Publisher Ezhno Martin was in the studio late at night for a fun hang out, and conversation. We talk about poetry, his writing process, and how and why he founded his small press, EMP Books. Give the episode a listen, and share it with your friends.


Hip-Hop Artists SURREAL Raman, Knightheart, and Defonix, joined us in studio to talk about MVNIFVST their one year old multi-genre artist brand. Together, as a community, MVNIFVST provides artists and creative a platform to get to the next level. We were also joined by local legend, and friend of the show, InSession Productions. The five of us talked about surviving hard times, making art, the hustle and grind of being an artist, and the three rappers all rap and freestyle at the end of the episode. Visit their website at www.

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