“Study It” for The Holy Spirit: Here & Now

Articles, Audio, & Video

  1. “Why I am a Continuationist” by Sam Storms
  2. “10 Reasons to Desire All the Spiritual Gifts” from the Desiring God blog
  3. “How can NT Prophecy be “Fallible” (and of benefit to the church) if it is based on an “Infallible” Revelation from God?” by Sam Storms
  4. Video with Sam Storms from Desiring God
  5. “Signs and Wonders: Then & Now” by John Piper
  6. “Spiritual Gifts in Church History -Part 1” by Sam Storms
  7. “Spiritual Gifts in Church History -Part 2” by Sam Storms
  8. “Spiritual Gifts in Church History -Part 3” by Sam Storms
  9. “Spiritual Gifts in Church History -Part 4” by Sam Storms
  10. “Have The New Testament Charismatic Gifts Ceased?” Debate with Sam Waldron vs Michael Brown [Video]
  11. “The Holy Spirit: Here & Now” Sermon from Ian McConnell

To go further in study you might consider some of the books below as recommended resources.


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