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Heartbreaker: a sort of review

Gloombaby, a local hip hop artist from Monroe, MI has a new EP ‘Heartbreaker’ out now. It’s four songs long, and dropped on Halloween.  The beats are different, with strains of acoustic overtones, leaving parts of each song feeling a little R & B- ish, especially on the track “Live Laugh Love.” Gloombaby shows off […]

Cheese & Grapes Ep. 2

Ha! Welcome to another episode of Cheese & Grapes. Don’t worry. We don’t really know what we’re doing either. Friday kicked off a hell of a weekend. Knightheart, the founder of MVNIFVST, LLC, and Jesse Reau and Luna Day stopped in for a short podcast, some Marco’s pizza, and a four hour long kick it […]

Kellogg’s Workers Go On Strike

I was driving to work this morning at 4:30am, when I watched a rat scuttle across Lewis Ave. I didn’t shiver. I’m not scared of rats, I just don’t like them much. Creepy little rodents. That reminds me, Four Kellogg’s cereal manufacturing plants in the U.S. went on strike this week, representing over 1,400 workers. […]

Cheese & Grapes Ep. 1

It’s October in Toledo, and we’ve endured four gray days in a row. Drizzle and malaise have settled around us. It’s 9:30 pm on a Thursday night, nearly half-time of Thursday Night Football. I’m out of the good gouda cheese that I like to pair with grapes as a midnight snack. A couple of Babybel […]


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