Photo by Nicole Adams


Follower of Jesus.

I’m the oldest of six boys from a “rough around the edges” Irish clan in Northeast Philly. We were moderately religious at best. My story basically is that I wasn’t looking for God but he came looking for me. I was a teenager hanging out with some friends in a corner store watching a guy kill’n it on an arcade game. Afterward he introduced himself as the youth pastor from a church in the neighborhood and he invited us out to their youth group. We showed up that Friday night and never stopped going all throughout high school. After about a year of hearing the gospel of Jesus and experiencing the love of God’s people in the church, I repented of my sin and believed the gospel. God used a handful of the youth leaders to disciple me and show me the ropes of following Jesus. I’ve been following Jesus now for over 20 years. I’m humbled to be his work in progress and I love telling others the good news.

Husband to Rachel.

I met Rae in a Monday night Ethics class my senior year of college. After totally embarrassing her the first time I met her and mistaking an insult for a compliment, I asked her out. I’m so glad for my mis-read—we haven’t stopped dating since. She really is amazing. I tell her that she reminds me that there is no one like our God because I’ve never met any one like her. She’s beautiful, remarkably intelligent, full of mercy, domestically practical, and passionate about her love for God and others. I love the way she sees God’s invisible hand in everything going on around us and captures it through writing and pictures. We come from two different worlds but love the same Savior and are committed to living for Jesus’ mission together. I’m so grateful God chose to bring us together because there is no way we could ever be apart.

Dad to Three Incredibles.

Rachel and I get to hang out with the three most incredible kids—Payson, Piper, and Silas. They keep us busy, laughing, and praying. We believe that parenting is discipleship and so our heart is to give them a daily front-row seat to seeing in their parents that where sin abounds, grace much more abounds. Parenting is one the hardest and most enjoyable experiences in the world.

Pastor at Grace.

During seminary I discipled college students, after seminary I led a youth ministry in Philly for almost three years & co-founded an urban missions non-profit, then in the Fall of 2005 God led me to help replant Grace Bible Church in Northeast Philadelphia. You can check out the story here. I do most of the preaching, lead the pastoral team, and develop new leaders. It’s incredible that I get to serve on mission with the gospel in the city I was born and raised, with some of my closest friends in the world. We have watched God take this church from death to life and now from health to reproduction. Our vision is to be a church in the city, that is for the city, that multiplies throughout the city—neighborhood by neighborhood. I also have a blast serving on a team of leaders in our family of churches that’s responsible for identifying, assessing, equipping, deploying, and supporting church planters throughout Sovereign Grace Ministries. If it’s not enough to be rescued from my sins, I get to serve the Savior in these ways—grace upon grace.

Philly Sports Fan.

It’s often a joyful pain but I’m all in. Go Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, & Sixers (in that order)! If you got tickets, I’ll take’em!