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Blue Collar Gospel Gift Suggestion Vol 2

MVNIFVST (pronounced Manifest) is a local multi-media company and Lifestyle Brand. I know. The first time I heard that I was like “what the fuck is this?” too.

I first read about MVNIFVST LLC in Of Rust and Glass No. 6 last July. I had an interview in the same issue, and I know Editor Curtis Deeter from ORAG, he’s an artist’s artist, a heck of a writer himself, and I knew he wouldn’t just throw anyone into his magazine. I read the interview and it mentioned my close friend and collaborator Cory Todd and InSessions Productions, and close friend and legendary local musician Zak Nevers. If those guys vouch for you, you can hang in my podcast studio any time. You should check out that interview from MVNIFVST in ORAG here:

Since then, Knightheart and MVNIFVST have become close friends, and a brand close to my heart. Back to what it is they do. Their goal is to inspire creatives and entrepreneurs through their team of content creators and offer resources for striving artists. I stole that sentence from their website. MVNIFVST works with many artists, local and multi-state and they have branded their art. Basically Jelani, the CEO, has leveraged his years of experience as a hustling artist, and combined that experience with dozens of other artists, venues, and various other platforms, and if you are looking to take your art to the next level, they can help guide and plug you into an ever growing network of artists.

In the meantime check out their website, and visit their store. Browse some of their quality merchandise. The store is full of incredible gift ideas, sure to boost the mood of any loved one or friend.

Who says we need holidays to buy a gift for a friend? It’s the shortest day-time of the year today. Find a cool gift to help your loved one through December, and support an incredible local artist ran company.

or visit their Facebook store

Top L to R Surreal Ramen reading my novel, Defonix, Cory AKA InSessions Productions, Knightheart and me. Bottom left, me wearing my sweet ass MVNIFVST Tee, Bottom right, Luna Day, Jesse Reau, Knightheart and me.

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