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Blue Collar Approved Gifts: Vol 1

I know it’s getting late in the game to buy gifts before the big bang of Christmas Day. Who cares? Gifts are cool no matter what we’re celebrating. Today is Sunday. It’s cold and gray in Toledo. Who wouldn’t love a warm book to read under the weekend long full moon? So here’s volume 1 of Blue Collar Gospel approved gifts. I promise, all of them will be affordable. I know we’re all hard working folks, and you’ve got my pledge that our dollars won’t be wasted.

First up is a new book by the punk rock poet of Hollywood, Iris Berry. The book is titled The Trouble with Palm Trees, and is out now on Punk Hostage Press. It features a dozen incredible poems. Kicking off the book is a tribute to the beautiful palm trees that find themselves a metaphor for the whole damn state of California. That’s followed by love poems, poems dedicated to Iris’ outlaw cats past and present, and one to an outlaw ex-lover. There’s Christmas at the supermarket, love poems to Hollywood and punk rock ghosts, and this stand out collection ends with a poem about tough luck and hard lessons learned.

The Trouble with Palm Trees is an Iris Berry triumph in these hard times. The book is full of heart, tough and broken love, loss and a tinge of regret, but most of all, it’s full of the classic Iris Berry hope that we’ve all grown to love. And there’s art work by well-known Los Angeles artist, Scott Aicher.

This beaut of a book comes in at just $10. Buy two. One for you, and one for a friend that needs a little dose of hope. Click the link below, and stay tuned for more gift ideas soon.

Click to buy Iris Berry’s new book of poetry, The Trouble with Palm Trees
Iris Berry’s Author bio from the book. Just $10

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