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Heartbreaker: a sort of review

Gloombaby’s new EP, Heartbreaker is available everywhere you listen to music

Gloombaby, a local hip hop artist from Monroe, MI has a new EP ‘Heartbreaker’ out now. It’s four songs long, and dropped on Halloween. 

The beats are different, with strains of acoustic overtones, leaving parts of each song feeling a little R & B- ish, especially on the track “Live Laugh Love.” Gloombaby shows off his quick hard hitting lyrics in his verses, and brings it together with his hooks and choruses. 

All four songs speak to the open vulnerability of Gloombaby’s work. Life and love are messy, and it often hurts. Is it worth it? Stay tuned. 

The EP was produced by InSession Productions. It’s four songs. Eight minutes. It’s tight. Raw with feeling. Gangster hard in some places, soft as a good hug in others. Bump Heartbreaker when you’ve got time to crank up the volume a little. You can thank me later. 

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