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Cheese & Grapes Ep. 2

Jars of homemade apple butter, grape jelly and salsa from Theresa Konwinski

Ha! Welcome to another episode of Cheese & Grapes. Don’t worry. We don’t really know what we’re doing either.

Friday kicked off a hell of a weekend. Knightheart, the founder of MVNIFVST, LLC, and Jesse Reau and Luna Day stopped in for a short podcast, some Marco’s pizza, and a four hour long kick it fest. Sunday I got to hang out with local horror film director, Nate Thompson, and local musician Zack Nevers. We talked all things horror, and new creative projects. Monday evening, my sometimes podcast cohost Mike McCoy dropped into Not a Duck in Any Row Studios, with his longtime friends Big Jon and local musician Aaron Konwinski. I haven’t laughed that much in a long while. Wednesday I hosted a livestream reading and interview for my dude J.I.B. an Ohio poet. His new book Our Tiny Little Lives is out now.

In the middle of all of those great good times, I bartered some poetry books to local writer Theresa Konwinski for some homemade apple butter, grape jelly and salsa. Friends, let me tell you, the apple butter is delicious. I haven’t had homemade apple butter in a lot of years, and Theresa’s didn’t disappoint. It’s got hints of extra cinnamon, I think it’s cinnamon, I really don’t know how apple butter is made. No matter. This apple butter is damn good. The grape jelly holds its own in toast trials. A dab of melting butter on toast, and a dollop of the homemade grape jelly is a noteworthy midnight snack. The real superstar of the trio is Theresa’s salsa. Oh, man. What a delight. It’s sweet, and bursting with flavor, and has a small kick that comes around on your third or fifth chip, depending on how fast I’m eating. It’s not a super spicy kick, but enough to sniffle your sinuses a little.

I gotta tell you, Theresa Konwinski is one of my favorite people. Not only is she a Doctor, she plays music, cans the best damn salsa this side of the Maumee River, and she writes kick ass books. You should buy a couple of them. Thank you for restoring my faith in high quality salsa, that explodes in a cyclone of flavor.

Tonight, I moseyed on over to the Switchboard on Monroe St. in downtown Toledo. My friend Ben Stalets of Everybody’s Laughing fame, was playing some music, and my friend John Freeman from Detroit was in town to jam with him. It gave me another chance to steal time with 60 Watt Funnel aka Josh Byer’s artwork. It’s on exhibit at the Switchboard until the end of the month. Stop in and see his amazing work. Plus, it was great as always to see Benny, and John, and Drew Rochotte dropped in and kicked off a set just as I was saying my good byes to Noelle, and Syd, too. Sorry Drew. The factory bells call early in the A.M.

As Toledo’s weather clocks march towards fall, there’s no reason to take the petal off the metal. It’s senior band night at my Senior Son’s high school on Friday. I’ll be hooping and hollering for my drummer son. Then Saturday I’m reading poetry in Portsmouth, OH at the Southern Ohio Museum with J.I.B. in support of that kick ass new book of his, and Sunday and Monday I’m back to hosting new podcast episodes.

There’s no rest for the wicked, and barely any for factory working writers.

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