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a podcast and a few books

I was honored to host a couple of the partners from MVNIFVST, LLC, a multi-genre artist platform, designed to help artists take their work to the next level. CEO, Hip Hip artist Knightheart, and his partners SURREAL Ramen, and Defonix were all in studio to talk about their art, their business, and how important art is to helping artists through hard times. Our favorite producer, and great friend of the show, InSession Productions joined us, too. If this works right, I’ll post a link to spotify underneath this paragraph.

Also, I may or may not have created a “store” on my homepage. Sometimes it works for me, and sometimes it doesn’t. This whole webpage thing has been a full-time job getting launched. I’ve got seven copies of my novel, $100-A-Week Motel left, and several copies of my two chaps. Go buy some books, and support the Blue Collar Gospel.

Books for sale!

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