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Welcome to Blue Collar Gospel

Hey, I’m Dan Denton, a writer, poet, podcast host, and publisher. This website is going to be a one-stop destination for all of my work, my published writing, and the book and music reviews I’m attempting to learn to do. There will also be pages for my podcast episodes I host with the Blue Collar Gospel Hour, artist video interviews and performances, and the DIY books I publish with the Lunch Bucket Brigade.

Why the Blue Collar Gospel? Because I’ve worked in factories, and blue collar jobs for most of my life, and the word “gospel” means truth.

One of the new features of this website is the “Buy Me a Coffee” link on the top of the homepage. This is a way for me to accept donations for my work, so that I can keep all of the content as free as possible. I drink my coffee black and strong, and a large, costs a couple bucks. If you like the work you see, consider buying me a coffee once a month.

The funds that come in from the Buy Me a Coffee feature will be used to cover the costs of my studio, website hosting fees, podcast platform host, Zoom account, and the cost of paying artists and collaborators. After the overhead is spoken for, funds will be used to create a “free” fund so that books published through the Lunch Bucket Brigade can be donated to those that might not have the $5 or $6 to cover the cost of purchasing one. In that way, I can assure that even the books are free to those that don’t have money.

Finally, those that know me well, know that I’m a strong believer in giving back to my community. I try to keep a volunteer commitment once or twice a month, and my current favorite non-profit is the Toledo Streets Newspaper. 10% of the funds donated, right from rip, before we even care about the overhead, will be donated to them.

I’ve got a lot of big, bold ideas, and big projects planned. Please consider subscribing to this blog at the bottom of the page, so you’ll never miss any of the latest gospel. And go listen to, and subscribe to the Blue Collar Gospel Hour Podcast. It’s available everywhere podcasts are listened to, I think, and if you like it, tell your friends.

An old photo of my coffee and notebook with a half-poem scribbled on it

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